Always wanted to remove the Animaker watermark, Upscale your 720p HD & go beyond the 2 minute limits without paying a single penny? It's easy! No software or anything needed! Well, just anything that can block the watermark in the video editor.

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How to render video without watermark

1. Use a screen recorder that can capture audio and good amount of FPS (Frames per second). Always remember to set as performance mode & Lossless quality to achieve your best shots.

2. Once you finish your Animaker video, you'll need to change the url from "editproject" to "animo" to actaully render the video without limits or anything

Or you can hover over the project and press the play button on the dashboard.

3. Once you edited the URL or pressed the project render button, it will send you to the Animaker render page. It will render the video by using ALL your CPU, Disk, and 1GB - 4GB of your RAM. This will alter the performance as you go.

Here are the main records and quality what you get from exporting from a screen recorder. The quality will depend on your Display resolution.

1366 x 768 = 720p (HD)

1920 x 1080 = 1080p (FHD)

2560 x 1440 = 1440p (2K QHD)

3840 x 2160 = 2160p (4K UHD)

7680 x 4320 = 4320p (8K UHD)

4. Once it is finished rendering, either you can press the space bar to play it, but will result a lower quality when recording. To Maximize the quality. press the full screen button on the video player. It will render more like last time.

5. Begin your screen recording when it is rendering. If you have 2 monitors or more that would help the process. And look what you got! No watermark! Also, if you only have a software screen recorder. Use Alt + Tab to switch from windows.

6. Once the video you have made is completed, close the tab. And take a look at your recorded file!

7. Batboy4K recommends you to edit the video. Batboy4K recommends you to edit using a free video editors no watermarks by using CapCut Or Clipchamp.

And there you go! That's how you can have full on experience with the video editor! And now, I am going to show you how to remove the watermark. It is quite easy.

How to remove Animaker Video Editor Watermark

2. Click on the Animaker Watermark and block it.

3. And done! No more annoying watermark in your way! Now you can work in peace!