What is BatTV?

A: BatTV is a business production group owned by the creator, Jeremiah. BatTV was created in 2021. Its uses are animation and gaming with each YouTube channel labeled with Batboy4K - (insert topic here). You can search for a topic on YouTube. It's all about creation.

How to talk to the creator?

A: You have to join through his server invite, you can can find in the join us page on this website

What had Jeremiah been using to create 3D & Animations & video-editing software & Recorder?

A: Wrapper Offline, CapCut, Pixlr products, Nvidia GeForce Experience, Clipchamp, Adobe After Effects / Premiere Pro, Animaker, & sources elsewhere.

When will the username "Batboy4K - BatTV Studios" retire his username?

A: On the day of January 2024, the new username for it is for YouTube will be Batboy4K - Productions

Can I actually give Jeremiah stuff?

A: On this page, you can contact me here and then go to your sent email, input an attachment on that email and it will be reviewed and then added on. Further details are explained in the reply.

Jeremiah is offline and he's not responding! HELP!!!!

A: Due to school and family, it is often he checks his messages twice a day in school, if offline on weekends, he is unavailable which is uncommon.

I want to help BatTV!

A: To help, please contact.

I am a parent/guardian/teacher

A: Like that, if so, feel free to enjoy, or else, please place your concerns, comments, or anything down on this page.