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Our goal of BatTV & Others is to educate, entertain, celebrate, engage, and inspire the community through programming that enhances the quality of life for everyone. BatTV is an American Content Creation Brand Since 2020.

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BatTV has evolved over time over the years. Animation, what does it do? What is it about, We'll tell you below!

Thanks to Vyond, Clipchamp, Kapwing, Animaker, Wrapper Offline and more, we started our animation as weak, but we got stronger in the end. The scenes are getting more intense and more fun as it is right now. SD for some months because we were on Chromebook as for HD Quality. But in year 2023, We unleashed FHD content. First, we did our videos from google slides to Animaker, and now to GoAnimate. The most first popular animated video, which it was 212K views on YouTube, the Railroad Crossing video. We didn't expect that video to go viral though.

As also, we have some people we hired to make our content creation more easier. Team creating is more faster and more social with that as we progress.

How He Found Animation

He has a major goal to do something he likes that could earn him money, ANIMATION. He researched animation way back in mid-2017.

He tried to install GoAnimate on his Android, but every time he tried to open it, it wouldn't open. In 2018, he searched for GoAnimate, and up came Vyond. He used it but he couldn't export the video because he made little progress and signed up for a 2-week free trial. Sadly, time went by fast, and he failed to make his first animated video. In 2020, he used Vyond again and this time, he made 2 videos and recorded them by using a Chrome extension called "Loom for Chrome". Well, it didn't support system audio but a microphone. And so he made his video, "THIS VIDEO CANNOT BE EXPLAINED". It was about 500% cringe plus 1000% weirdness that comes with it. Once his 2-week free trial was over, he stopped and started making lots of gaming Roblox videos. He found Demerti through the game "Flee The Facility". He is the video idea maker for Jeremiah. He made a lot of Build A Boat For Treasure videos and also that game again in 2020. Sadly, he stopped giving video ideas in 2023 because his life got busier as he grew up. In late 2021, Jeremiah planned up a Christmas movie that he would think would go viral, but he was scorching for something that he would use to animate in his school computer. 

He found Animaker, the world's free animation in a browser. He used to test it out on the first video he made "Animaker Winter Test". It is on YouTube right now and you can go view it now. Next, he first made his very own stick-animal drawing. (Steve). He animated it through a budget website where he can make his gifs and make them transparent. , he made some progress, but it took days and days to make a 10 min video and make another 10 minutes, but, he had more, it was Dec 20, only 5 days to publish it but he only made 3 parts, which must mean 30 minutes of footage. He published it on the day of Christmas. but at some other time, it did NOT go viral. But he didn't give up. He made other videos to help him with the journey of his very own YouTube channel. 

One day, his Animaker video, went viral. A video was called "Animaker Railroad Crossing" It had over 200K views. Not many comments and subscribers. But his step-father celebrated his first-time viral video and sent Jeremiah to spend the whole day at a youth center. He was sure glad. But one day, Animaker had its worst update yet that stopped him from exporting his videos. The 2-minute video limit has arrived on Animaker. He was very upset. He had to switch to a different animating software. He downloaded so much animation software but most of them had free trials and confusing user interference. But, he remembered what he had forgotten way back in 2018. GoAnimate. 

He downloaded GoAnimate and found out he actually dreamed of becoming a GoAnimator, and now he is. His first GoAnimate video was "Switching to a different animation". When he first posted the video, a random GoAnimator pinged him inside Discord, requesting him. He was called "PTPrime" and "Tim & Moby gets grounded". He accepted his request and made a video. Luckily, it almost went viral, but with so many comments and videos over 200 views in 3 days. His progress is going well! What do you think his best life event will be?

First OC character, came out late 2022. This was made in Kleki Paint and then animated using a free gif tool by just converting to images together to create a gif.

Used to replace the roblox character to match fit on the other characters he made

Expresses himself in limited types of ways due to file quality & sizing.

Will be fully animated once used to Adobe Animate. That's when everything will come as awesome instead of just lazy animation made on 0 budget.

Didn't even know how to draw things like normal persons and people thought he used Microsoft Paint to make these. But sadly did not have access to Windows and always used a chromebook because he didn't have a Personal Windows PC or anything.

2022 - 2024!!!!

3 in one edits

To celebrate out greetings to 2024, we did 3 channels in one edit. That includes the kids and gaming channel. Even the creator somehow added himself in there.

The CapCut Editor used to edit videos

The cartoon video maker (Wrapper Offline) used to create GoAnimate videos. (The A-Watchers movie production)

Discord used to talk with customers, friends, and members.

If you want, click here to join in, username to contact creator is batboy4k_yt

Everything will go down that server too

Use is access hub and community.

The creator behind the spot

Photo removed due to dox and illegal personal info leaked & doxxed.


Jeremiah is a black person who loves technology and exploring things. He is also made other people on this website because he has autism. Mainly doesn't like growing up and also buys a lot of stuffed animals and other children's stuff to keep vexing other people. He daydreams every day, (before he wakes up).  He couldn't talk until he was 6 years old. His only key is his Imagination and Inspiration.

And that's why you'll probably see these below all the time when it comes to social media. That's him.

Made by Itz_rolo (UK)


Christmas 2023 as ❄️Snowed Device❄️

Halloween 2023 as 💀ABSLOUTE IDIOT😡

Winter 2023 as ❄️Frozen Device❄️

The Behind Google Slides Video Projects

You can view it, it's unlocked for all.

Story in MianIg

Boris breaks out of jail and tries to get revenge (2021)

Learning math with Jeremiah

My math teacher in county new york, Mrs. Ritch, requested this project as an assignment. Sadly got a C- on it so far D: (2021)

Wrapper Offline

Steve drawing was first born...

ChromeOS Windows 9 Crack FULL Version

Windows 9 (Early Winter 2022)

Turn that paper art into something online!!!

Depresso Star 2018

Always wanted to turn your character into something like you can actually do online? Now you can by using Kleki Paint, Pixlr E free Advanced Photo Editing website and ezgif!

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